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Cosmetic Clean Up

It’s December, and the winter time blues have set in a smidge. This is when I like to grab myself a little pick me up….in the form of cosmetics. Feeling a little down and a little drab, I hightailed it to my local Shoppers Drug Mart (also known as the mecca of happiness) and purchased a few items to welcome the current wintery season. In an attempt to get into the holiday spirit, I decided to ditch the bright pink nail polishes of the summer, for a few festive colours.
photo (29)I went a little Color Show by Maybelline crazy. These bad boys were on sale for $2.96 (regularly $5.49), so I picked up four. My new collection includes:
Twilight Rays – A black polish with gold flecks
Gilded Rose – A rose and gold polish that has big time sparkle
Pedal to the Metal – A glittery silver
Clearly Spotted – Black and white polka dots

I am pretty excited to try them all (yes, these are the things that excite me). I am wearing Gilded Rose in the photos below.
photo (31) photo (32)Next up, I needed to purchase a new BB cream. In the past couple of weeks, I have compiled a stash of BB cream samples (from Garnier, Marcelle, Rimmel and Oil of Olay) and while all of them had their positives, Oil of Olay’s Fresh Effects was the clear winner on my skin. Even with my lovely adult acne (which is clearing up nicely, might I add) I don’t wear foundation. I hate the way it feels, the time it takes, and most importantly, the way it looks on my face. I realize that it is most likely my inability to do much with makeup, but I could never really conquer the “flawless skin with foundation” look. The closest I have ever gotten to flawless skin, is a legit period of time when my skin is glowing, OR, with a nice, light BB cream. Aside from it’s creamy and subtle coverage, Oily of Olay’s BB cream smells good. It was the first thing that I noticed when I put it on. Most other creams smell like makeup, but Olay’s smells….fresh. The BB cream was roughly $14 on its own, but my eyes wandered towards a Fresh Effects gift bag, that contained not only the BB cream, but face wash, lotion, and makeup wipes as well. The cost of the gift set was $24. If I were to purchase all of those items separately, it would have cost me approx. $50. Um…gift set please.
photo (27)I will update the effectiveness of the wash and face cream as I use it over the course of the next few weeks.

Finally, I had to purchase some new mascara. I bought Maybelline’s Falsies in Big Eyes a couple weeks ago, and initially I was in love. After several separate applications, the mascara seemed to go clumpy on my lashes and I just don’t dig that look (does anyone?). I have been hearing good things about L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly mascara, so I grabbed some in ‘Blackest Black’. I have not tried it yet, but will update once I pull myself together to get ready for my hair appt. (few blond highlights in the front and perhaps the return of bangs). Again, I am excited to take what looks like a little tube of magic, for a test spin. I have high hopes.
photo (30)


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