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Outfit of the Day: Tuesday Dec 3, 2013

I am visiting my parents today, so I am currently all about comfort. Last night, I purchased the comfiest and warmest socks ever. Of course, they came from H&M (it’s an addiction that I don’t care to curb). They are more like slipper socks and will probably be rocked around my apartment daily. My pup really seems to like them as well. Due to the thickness, he seems to think that they are chew toys that are oddly attached to my feet. Let me tell you, puppy teeth hurt like a BITCH. My hands and feet are a mess because my fluffy little dick head. Anyway, you are now in the comfort zone (any Archer fans out there?)

photo (37)Nicole4redone photo (38)Nicole4redone

Winter White Knit Sweater – H&M:

Price: $29.95

 Black Tights – Aritzia:
S: S
Price: $30.00

 Blue and White Snow Flake Socks – H&M :
S: O/S
Price: $14.95







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