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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 52

Ok, so everyone is in love with the song Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, but can I just say that it makes me tear up every time I hear it (which is why I put it on my ‘December’ playlist and play it at least once a day). I am not sure why it even makes me feel so emotional…then again, everything makes me emotional these days. The other day, I watched a video of animals being dicks to one another, and in one clip, a big elephant sent a baby elephant tumbling down a small dirt hill and I LOST IT. Waterworks and forcing my dog into a fetal position cuddle, for an ungodly amount of time, may have happened. Anyway, back to this song. I love it too, you guys. I just turn into a 14-year old girl, who has been dumped for the first time, when I hear it. The song doesn’t even really resonate with me, as I have ZERO prospects in my life and legitimately have no desire to date. Would love to have a partner and companion, but I am just not in a headspace to put any effort into it right now. This is why I am confused as to the reasons behind this song getting to me. Perhaps X-Tina is just THAT good.

So, today is day 52 of unemployment. I have resided myself to the fact that I won’t be gaining any type of employment until the new year. I am ok with that though. I think 2014 is my year (I also think I have been saying this since 2009). I am just going to force 2014 to be my year. Even if I have to hold it against its will, 2014 WILL BE MY BITCH. Aside from that, I am just taking every day as it comes. I have good days and bad, depending on my frame of mind. Then, I have days like today, when I just watch some Christmas movie staring Kevin Sorbo, where he looks like Santa Clause to everyone. This is what I assume dropping acid is like. Just a world full of half Hercules, half Santa Clause people. I wonder if Santa Clause resemblance is something you can catch. I should probably WebMD that shit.

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my mom. Now, when I say I went Christmas shopping, I mean I tagged along with my mom like some lost puppy dog and tried on sale items that she later bought for me and called them “pre-christmas presents”. There are A LOT of deals before Christmas. I mean, I realize that not everyone is into Old Navy, but if you look hard enough, you can find some cute little gems that are hella cheap.

trying on 1This is huge. It’s a small, but it could fit me and all my wrinkles into it. It reminds me of wearing a boyfriend’s guy you are seeing, you think, maybe, shirt. Cute and comfy, yet somehow still stylish.
trying on 2I like to tell myself jokes while I am in the change room.
trying on 3You probably can’t read it, but the shirt says “Oh, deer”. Genius. Cute and pretty much sums up my life.
trying on 4trying on 5I like my face in this one. It’s almost like I am inconvenienced by my own need to take pictures of my new clothes. How many animal face shirts does one person need? Three, if you are me.

All right, I need to get back to this acid trip Christmas movie that I am in no way interested in.


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