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Thought of the Day: Stripping

I’m talking about stripping through college/university. Let’s be honest, I am a klutz and wear a small b-cup bra. No one wants to see me work a pole like there is a piece of cake at the top. Stripping was just never a part of my destiny. Also, I like wearing clothes. When I am in my apartment, I wear as little as possible, but I am still a fan of a protective layer between the things I spent good money on and are visible in my apartment, and my lady bits….but that’s just me.

Anyway, the thing about stripping through college/university that I am jealous about, is that I stare at my bank account and look at my student debt, and I just know – the women who chose to take off their clothes and twerk before Miley was even conceived, all the money they earn now, is probably theirs. Four years of stripping versus 10 years of tear-induced money loss because of a degree you never use….I get it, man. I get it.



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