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Outfit of the Day: Saturday Dec 14th, 2013

This is an outfit of the day/before pic.
As of tomorrow, I am cutting my hair and adding some highlights. Goodbye rut. Hello sexy times (God/Santa willing).
I had a video interview today, for a Company that I am pretty excited about. Fingers crossed, everyone.
Now, I am just drinking some tea and watching Love Actually, because a) it was on b) it’s one of the few “Christmas” movies I can stand, and c) everyone and their mother is talking about it on Twitter, and I swear to you, Twitter is just a steady stream of subliminal messages. This movie being one of them.
before1Black Sweater – Smart Set
S: S
Price: $19.99
Black and White Plaid Shirt – H&M
S: 4
Price: $14.95
Black, Gold and Metal Chain Necklace – Smart Set
S: O/S
Price: $10.00
Sad Face Expression
S: O/S
Price: FREE


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