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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 107

DAY 107?!?! UGH.
funny-dog-pictures-will-work-for-hot-dogsI just braved that ridiculous cold to get my little ball of hell some training pads and a rawhide bone. He loves those things. His reaction to a rawhide bone is what I assume my reaction would be to seeing Ryan Gosling in person….without the chewing (or maybe I would try and get a little nibble in there – it’s Ryan-effing-Gosling).

It appears as though the bitchy wind and whorish cold has burned my face.

Dear Yeezus, please let this turn into a tan.


Anyway, I heard back from a job that I was really hoping to score – I didn’t score. I really appreciated the fact that they explained their decision to me and gave me some really positive feedback on my writing and PR experience; it makes the blow a little easier to handle. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am probably going to go drown myself in a pool of Fudgee-O cookies…or do some yoga….or maybe both….at the same time. I don’t know! I have another 7 months before I need to consider taking up residency on the corner of Jane and Finch. Maybe I will set up one of those websites where guys watch you eat. Like, do you HAVE to be fat to do something like that. Is it a package deal type thing? Because, I am really good at eating food. I’d put it on my resume if I thought it would get me somewhere. Those makeup tutorial sites seem to be really popular….but I am not good at doing anything fancy with makeup. The other day, I tried using one of those tutorials on how to do the “perfect smokey eye” and I ended up looking like a pirate hooker. My dog certainly did not appreciate it…but I think the food delivery guy did – I got not one, but two fortunes in my fortune cookie.
photo (64)I’m not saying that it was the 7 layers of eyeliner….but I’m not saying it wasn’t, either.

I went to a scotch tasting Tuesday night. I am now officially a pretty big fan of Macallan Ruby. I would go purchase a bottle, but I somehow don’t think that it would fit into my alcohol budget of $0.
Macallan Rubyphoto (65) photo (66)photo (67)
So, as I mentioned in my last post, I went on a 3-day raw juice cleanse from Raw Juice Guru for She Does The City and you can now read all about it, here! Some people are calling it “Riveting” and others have suggested that it is “Journalism at its finest” so you might want to check it out.


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