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I’m Obsessed….

With the white lace dress with cutouts that Beyonce wore to the Grammy’s on Sunday.
bd1 bd2 56th GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience bd4I am a HUGE fan of a dress with the back cut out (see below). I think the back is such a sexy body part that is too often overlooked.
photo (71)This is me showing my love of backless dresses and in NO WAY am I comparing myself to Queen B. I am not even the bargain bin version of her. If Beyonce emerged from a week spent in a gutter, she would still look far better than me. So let’s leave that there. This dress though. Oh, man. I don’t know how Jay “I lost the hyphen” Z keeps his hands off of her. I love any outfit that can take it to the highest level of sexy without veering into the slutty territory. Pretty much every minute where I find myself with nothing to do, I think, “I should go stare at Beyonce in that smoking white dress.” I am seriously questioning my sexuality right now.

As a side note, Ciara (who I didn’t even realize still had a career) also looked amazing Sunday night. Maybe it’s the pregnancy glow, maybe it’s because she is gorgeous, but I fell IN LOVE with her gold dress. If that is what I have to look forward to whenever I find myself knocked up – Bring. It. On.
56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Tomorrow I am headed to the premiere/advanced screening/whatever you want to call it of That Awkward Moment, so I will have a review for that sometime Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing this flick. Zac Efron is hot, Miles Teller is slowly becoming one of my favourite people to watch on the big screen, and I have no idea who Michael B. Jordan is, but he is also VERY easy on the eyes so I have no complaints.


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