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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 127

So, this is more of a “Diary of the Unemployed?”

I have something interesting in the works and it involves some contract work doing Community Management for a new luxury lingerie Company. I am kind of excited, to say the least. Between that and the freelance writing, the creative juices are really starting to flow and for the first time in a while, I don’t mean that as code for wine.
wineSpeaking of wine and vocabulary, I am currently writing my “Worst Valentine’s Day Experience” for a SDTC article. This story…it is one of my favourite Valentine’s Day stories to tell. Actually, it’s just one of my favourite stories to tell. Period.

If you think that your boyfriend sucks, wait until my article comes out on Friday. It’s generally a crowd pleaser. Think, so bad it’s laughable. Here is a tip to all guys out there: If your girlfriend asks for something as simple as warm and cozy mittens, DO NOT go to the dollar store, 30 minutes AFTER you are supposed to be at her house, and purchase a “Two-Pack” of STRETCH GLOVES. You might as well show up at her door and give her a high-five or a “Could’ve had a V8” palm thrust to the forehead

v day funny

Speaking of guys, I went on a really good first date last night. We just went for drinks….but the conversation was so fluid and interesting – it was a nice change. Also, he is funny. There are few things more attractive than a guy with a killer sense of humour. He is pretty easy on the eyes (which I already knew) and he rocks some serious scruff, which I LOVE. Not to brag (totally bragging), but he is no stranger to the gym (but not in an overdone beefcake-bodybuilder kind of way – that look is just not for me). I had to keep telling myself to pull it together and stop looking at his arms.

“Eyes up here!”

Now I know how guys feel around boobs. I get the gravitational pull that takes over your eyes. Anyway, dude smelled really nice, too. I feel like this is a fading trend with guys. I can’t remember the last guy I have dated, who actually put effort into smelling nice (and just out of the shower doesn’t count).

Slow clap for him.




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