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Let’s Play Catch Up

I guess I kind of stopped updating this bad boy back in March (once the Bachelor ended my soul died a little bit…and now that Nikki and Juan are officially over…well, as the cool kids say, I can’t even). Sarcasm, folks.

Anyway, just thought that I would post a quick little update, since I spend most of my days trying to get my dog to dance and asking him why he doesn’t love me as much as he used to. So, I had a pretty chill summer. I went to some Jays games, some cottages and not one, but two, of my childhood friends got hitched. I Co-MC’d one of them and if you ask my rye and ginger, I did a pretty good job. It’s pretty easy to talk about people that you have known for roughly 15 years.

10309030_10100524659765320_3558830611721642452_n 10609645_10100524659900050_9018571053565400467_n 10574481_10100524660748350_7876832022728269767_n 10570335_10100524665483860_4984344711450395966_n 10703777_10100524673063670_2190719599672510577_n 10481441_10100524675838110_1463504230542288161_n

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Of course, in typical Nicole-during-the-summer fashion, there was a boy. He was tall, he was very good looking and he was definitely not afraid of a trip to the gym. He was also a dick. Story of my life. It’s safe to say that we are no longer together. He is not the reason for the tear drops on my guitar….if I had a guitar.

I have been doing a lot of cool stuff with She Does The City – one of which was a editorial spread for LOFT clothing.

IMG_0359 nicole IMG_0344 nicole IMG_0306 nicole IMG_0278 nicole IMG_0272 nicole IMG_0198 nicole IMG_0129 nicole IMG_0070 nicole IMG_0037 nicole IMG_0024 nicole IMG_0201 nicole

Clearly, I am not a model, but it was fun. I’m awkward and I told the lovely ladies about said awkwardness, and Becca (the photographer) just rolled with it. I think that it turned out pretty decently. Girl knows how to capture a mean cheekbone. It will be nice to look back on when I am old and gross.

Shortly after that, I turned 29 and didn’t have the “where is my life going” breakdown that I thought I was going to have. Obviously, my life is not going to be where I thought it would be at 30….but I am learning how to be ok with that. Life is unpredictable and trying to control it will only send you into a tailspin of craziness (trust me, I know). I got to do some pretty great things this year. Things that I wouldn’t have gotten to do if I was working the 9-5 grind.

I also got to be a part of a Cineplex ad (I know a guy who works for Cineplex). The whole process of filming was intriguing. From the girl doing my makeup, to the guys lighting the set, to making tough decisions like wether or not to use fake tears. The multiple takes, the location changes and all the man power – all of it for a 30 second clip. The ad started its run yesterday, so look for me during those pre-movie commercials that no one pays attention to.


Tomorrow I am taking the Russian on a little “girl’s mini staycation” at the Sheraton. Again, it’s for She Does The City. Again, a free and cool experience. I think that I could get used to this.


Now, if I could just find a company who wants to sponsor my rent for a year, I’d be golden.

All right, this typing is distracting me from watching Olivia Pope and Fitz getting their makeout on.

Good night,

From me, Bosco and two tablets of Gravol.


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