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Hell in Heels

On Wednesday, Special K (yes, the cereal) and She Does The City are holding a sexy event with high heels as the guest of honour.

A bunch of girls are getting together at the Toronto School of Burlesque, to learn how to sexily strut in heels, without looking like giant douche canoes. Teaching the class will be the one and only Daytona Betch (accompanied by a special guest that may or may not have starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Activities will also include:

Falling in heels
Tumbling in heels
Going over on your ankle in heels
Drinking alcohol

I am bringing along my friend Kelly, as a way to help her celebrate writing the GMAT exam. Nothing says “happy finishing a huge exam for furthering your life in commercial real estate” quite like a night of drinking and prancing around in your highest heels.

This will also be a much needed meet and greet for me. I will be meeting Red Herring, the bombshell who will be my burlesque instructor come January.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I am taking the Vixen 101 class as a four-part series for SDTC? The things I won’t do for journalistic integrity! Seriously though, I am equal parts excited and extremely petrified. Story of my life these days. Anyway, if you’d like to watch me fall on my ass in realtime on Wed, follow my Instagram account. Otherwise, I’ll share the link once it is live (as this article will not be written by me – I am just going along for the ride).

I’m sorry….what do you mean by “photoshopped”????


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