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Movie Recap: Mother!

The Quick Recap: (FYI: Spoilers and shit) Jennifer Lawrence screams a bunch. Jennifer Lawrence constantly asks the people in her house why they are there. Jennifer Lawrence briefly shows her boobies. At some point, people eat Jennifer Lawrence’s mofo’ing baby. Almost everyone dies. The end. The Actual Recap: I could honestly just copy and paste.… Continue reading Movie Recap: Mother!

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“Gossip People (You Sexist Pig)” – A Gossip Girl Parody

Serena and Nate sit across from one another on a couch, holding hands. Serena: I love you Nate Nate: I love you too Serena Serena: Nate… we need to break up. Nate: What? Why? Is it because I am prettier than you? Because I can start wearing less makeup and I promise to stop using… Continue reading “Gossip People (You Sexist Pig)” – A Gossip Girl Parody